Foreign Direct Investment or FDI is a kind of international investment made with the intention of acquiring an ever lasting financial interest in an economy.

If done strategically then this kind of direct investment can really bring huge benefits to investors. The importance of liberalization has made many countries

to open up their economies. Considering this in mind, one continent which has really banked on this is Europe and the formation of European Union only

corroborates this fact. The integration of 27 countries in Europe has really made it one of the most preferred destinations in the world for investment.

The Main Advantages EU provides to investors:

The European Union views FDI not as a mere sense of investment but also a way of promoting economic and social growth and development. The investment

policy of the European Union is tilted more towards providing investors with a kind of stability and legal certainty coupled with an environment conducive to

carry out business and in accordance with the International rules. It has abolished all the trade barriers that were acting as a hindrance for free trade.

Furthermore, the European Union has also adopted a common currency which has served as a major fillip towards increasing trade in the European Union.

Just as it has good legal policies which encourage foreign investment, in the same way the European Union is also gifted with large natural resources. It

has huge reserves of oil and natural gas and coal. Thus, it has a good blending of resources that really work in the advantage of doing business than any

other part in the world.

The other major thing that makes the European Union unique from other destinations is the diverse booming industries in various countries within the EU.

There is no such sector in the EU where you can’t invest. Every industrial sector in EU has room for expansion and is in the need of foreign investment. 

The services sector forms the core of the European Union as it accounts for a major chunk of the entire Economy of the EU. Some of the key sectors worth

investing in the European Union are Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Biotechnology, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Nanotechnology,

Nuclear, Logistics, Engineering, Real Estate and many others.

As the European Union is a host of comprehensive range of countries, it has really become one of the best destinations for investing in the Real estate sector.

The diverse property opportunities across the Union and the well established rental markets have already attracted loads of foreign investors. Bulgaria,

Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Turkey are the hottest destinations for investing in Real Estate.