New Italian residents with the Flat Tax regime will receive various benefits and incentives, like a tax base reduction from 50% to 90% by Italy Golden Visa.

In addition, the Italian government has introduced an Investment Visa program that is among the most interesting residency by investment programs in EU

and in the world.

What is an “investor residence permit”?

This is a two-year residence permit, renewable for further three-year periods (leg. decree 286/1998, art. 26-bis, par. 5) and issued to investor visa holders

after they arrive in Italy.

The conditions for issue and maintenance of the permit are:

• the investment or donation declared in the visa application must be made within three months of the date of entry into Italy;

• the original investment must be maintained for the entire permit validity period.

If one of these two conditions is not satisfied, the investor residence permit may be revoked, even before the envisaged expiry date, and renewal is not


We offer also tailor-made solutions for managers of international companies (expats) that may not be wealthy enough to join the Flat Tax regime but satisfy

other requirements set by the same budget law that allows the substantial reduction of the financial impact.

As an alternative to the Flat Tax, to get Italian residency you can choose one of the following investments:

  • € 2,000,000 in government bonds, that have to be maintained for at least two years;
  • € 1,000,000 in “equity instruments representing the assets of a company constituted and operating in Italy” , that have to be maintained for at least 2 years;
  • € 500,000 in a start-up;
  • € 1,000,000 in a philanthropic initiative.