Italy a Land of Investment Property Opportunities

Letting property in Italy is a relatively easy way of recovering some, if not the whole cost of buying a house. Although the Italian rental market is a rather competitive and crowded market, the charm of Italy still holds ground and continues to attract millions of tourists every year.

When it comes to Italy, especially the regions that are most popular with tourists (Tuscany, Lazio, Lombardy), the properties to let out that can surely provide a steady, profitable return are those located within easy reach of points of interest and local amenities. Houses in rural locations or medieval, quiet villages yet close to art centres are the ones that generate most rental interest, since they offer the relaxation/peace/points of interest package that most tourists long for. For a profitable investment, the property must be geared to the needs of foreign renters. The main foreign clients in the Italian rental market are British, American, Australian and Scandinavian families or couples.

Houses that are big enough to offer owners the possibility of occasionally staying there whilst also letting out some rooms or even a floor of the house or running a B&B (either individually or with several partners, running the business 3-4 months a year), are another ideal solution since their owners do not need to give up of their home altogether; rather, they can have benefit of the asset for at least part of the year and make some money in the interim from some holidaymaker traffic.

In most cases, the help of someone local who can see to any problems related to the property, whether it is a gardener, housekeeper or else, can be very helpful. A garden or outside space is always a great asset when it comes to the rental attraction of a house, so a gardener who makes sure that everything is perfect and that the garden is not covered in weeds can come in very handy. Or the help of someone who can see to rental management, making sure renters have everything they need and providing for the related bookings, is something that can make property letting an easy-peasy, profitable activity. Indeed, a local manager (preferably someone who speaks English) can offer peace of mind especially if the owner cannot be there to deal with the logistics of showing the house and managing the hand-over of it week by week.

Being able to rely on someone locally also means that the gardener/housekeeper/rental manager can keep an eye on the property in the owner’s absence… in other words, extra peace of mind for the home owner.

Last but not least, buying an investment property in Italy that you can rent out for income, whether occasionally or on a continuous basis, provides owners with a capital appreciating asset that they can one day resell and realize a profit on.