According to OECD latest available data, the value of the stock of foreign direct investments FDI in Italy at the end of 2017

was 420,446 millions USD.
Almost 90% of total FDI in Italy were in two sectors: services (61.4%) and manufacturing (27.7%).

In the services sector, foreign investors showed a strong preference for
professional, scientific and technological activities,

with 21,3% of total investments, or 89,809 millions US$, over 98% of which represented investments in head offices and consultancy

activities. The second and third most popular sectors were always in services, namely Financial and insurance activities with

40,613 m US$ and Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles with 45,219 m US$. Wholesale and retail

together amounted to 39,991 m US$. These first three sectors amounted to 41,7% of total FDI. Information and communication

and Real Estate follow with 27,804 m US$ and 22,516 m US$ respectively.

As for the second favourite investment cluster, Manufacturing, the biggest share of FDI, 29,861 m US$, goes to Manufacture of

petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastic products, closely followed by Manufacture of metal and machinery products,

closely followed by Manufacture of metal and machinery products, except electrical equipment, with 29,352 m US$.

Food, beverages and tobacco production and Transport equipment production attracted 19,632 m US$ and 17,230 m US$ respectively.