You could acquire registered and active Italian companies!

Purchasing companies can be a smart way to go into business for yourself, expand your current business’s operations, purchase new technologies, or invest in the company’s

potential. Regardless of your motivations, buying an existing company give you the advantage of the hard work and bank credit that the other owners have already done.

Acquiring and Purchasing Companies
An established and old company could facilitate your business expansion in EU, since it enjoys
the prestige and credit balance.

You could own an old company with an active bank account and bank credit on it by acquiring and purchasing companies. The procedure is easy! We just need to

change the shareholders as you wish!

We would assist you to review the company’s documents, including financial statements, TAX
filings, and general ledger. This will allow you to assess the current and future financial
health of the company.

Look over tax records and financial statements for the past five years.

Look for delinquent or late accounts payable. If there are any, it may be a sign that some other entity holds a lien on the company’s assets.